Sunday, April 24, 2011

Education is Politics


"To socialize students, education tries to teach them the shape of knowledge and current society, the meaning of past events, the posibilities for the future, and their place in the world they live" (14) I feel like every child experiences this at one point throughout their school career. From the minute we enter elementary school, to the minute we graduate, we are constantly taught the past (in our history classes), society in our economic classes, and everday life in every single one of our classes. Our guidance counselors, home room teachers, principles and just about every teacher in the school tells us what our place is and what we should do for our future profession. Things like this, is just the beginning to a child's life in school.

"People begin life as motivated learners, not passive beings." (17) Think back to kindergarten and first grade...were you excited to go to school? Most children are thrilled to enter school because they get to learn everything and anything they want. Kids can't wait to start their first day, see their friends, meet their teachers and see what else they can learn this year that is better than the last year. Now think back to the beginning of this class, while most of us were counting down the days to spring break, some of us were ready to start a new schedule and see what we could learn from this FNED class. I myself was on that list of  a motivated learner. It's like a cycle that you can't break out of. The more you desire to inquire, the more you become an active participant in your classes and every day social life. Participation eventually leads to empowerment.

"Many students do not accept these limits, which is why teachers often face resistance in the classroom" (20) Due to the limits set up by elites that kids don't like, teachers are having a harder time teaching the social lessons. Kids are beginning to challenge and resist what their elders say because they are no longer agreeing with these rules.

Everything that I read in this weeks assignment made me realize that education is a lot harder than it looks. I know I should have realized that probably at the begging of this class but for some reason it hit me now. This reading made me think about my own education. I realized that when I started out in elementary school, I was so excited to wake up, and go see my friends, my teacher and learn my multiplication tables. I knew that if I mastered my times tables then I would be smarter and smarter meant I could go to the next grade and so on and so on. It is this cycle that we create as a society. All of the kids who resisted my teachers may have been right to push back. By pushing back, the teachers had to find different ways to help their students. Educators can no longer take the easy way out. They have to find ways to help their students instead of passing them along to the next person. In my opinion, the education system needs a lot of work in order to be better and up to date. So to wrap this blog up, I ask you...What kind of education system do you think we need?


  1. That is pretty interesting how all we are really taught in school is the past, very interesting to see how that reflects our society. You made me think of that you tube video we watched in class about what teachers do with that stand up comedy ranting to his snobby lawyer friend about how much work teacher do with their students.

  2. I also liked that quote about kids starting off as motivated learners. It's not inevitable that kids become passive/bored/resistant. For example, in my SL class the kids are studying crayfish in science. They absolutely love those ugly little things that look like tiny lobsters. When they get 5 minute breaks everyone bolts out of their seat to go check on the crayfish that many of the groups have named after their classmates (which is an honor, not an insult). They love to update me on the crayfish's progress every time I visit. Kids are naturally interested. If only we could channel that enthusiasm in everything they have to learn.

  3. I completely agree with your last paragraph. Becoming a teacher it a lot harder than people make it out to be. You are helping children start of their journey through life. It is a big responsibility.

  4. i agree with everything you have said in this post!!

  5. I really like the quotes that you choose for this post. I also really agree with the last paragraph that you wrote. It is really good and made me think that teaching is a lot harder than i thought. Going through all the schooling that we have to do and how much we learn i never thought teachers actually had to know that much.